We are Seven — a business transformation consultancy based in London, working with global clients. We transform and integrate complex, listed and private equity-backed global businesses.

Since 2011, as interim executives, consultants, coaches and non-executive directors, we’ve transformed and integrated businesses up to $105bn turnover and led over 50 mergers and acquisitions.

You’re in the right place…

…if you’re the CEO or C-suite leader of a listed FTSE business, operating partner of a private equity fund or managing partner of a large consulting firm, looking for a business transformation partner to work with on your journey.

You’re also in the right place if you:

  • need to transform your business or integrate it with an acquisition, and don’t have all the skills to do it in-house.
  • seek a highly experienced business transformation consultant or interim executive to lead and run the transformation or integration for you, or advise you along the journey, rather than hiring an expensive consulting firm.
  • want to implement a new strategy to respond to or pre-empt a disruption in your industry.
  • have decided to explore and implement a digital business model and subsequent digital transformation programme.
  • have started a transformation or turnaround, but aren’t seeing results fast enough and know it needs a rejuvenation and fast.
  • feel that your business is ready for a breakthrough strategy and need a partner to help you make that a reality.

What’s the cost of getting your business transformation wrong?

Stalled or lower growth, reputational damage and job loss, lower shareholder value and disillusioned investors.

With only 30% of business transformations achieving their intended outcomes and only 20% of M&A deals delivering their value case, the stakes couldn’t be higher. You owe it to yourself and the business to hire someone that’s been there and done it multiple times.

With Seven you get world-class expertise

As business transformation consultants, coaches and interim executives, we are highly experienced in this field, based in London, with over 20 years’ experience leading complex enterprise-wide transformations and M&A integrations to $105bn turnover. Our clients particularly value our ability to engage with stakeholders and get senior buy-in quickly, to give them confidential, strategic advice and help fulfil the potential of the transformation or integration.

Equally experienced is the network of independent consultants we regularly deliver assignments with, each of whom has worked in their respective area for over 20 years. These are professionals whose aim is not to sell more work (as a large consulting firm might do), but instead to put you and your business’s best interests at the very heart of the project.

What does all this mean for you?

Massively reduced risk of failure, so that your project delivers — or even exceeds — its value case.

This adds up to Seven being a credible alternative to large, branded consultancies.

Karen on transformation

Karen Thomas-Bland

Karen Thomas-Bland, founder at Seven, introduces our company, addresses the nature of a business transformation, when you should embark on one and how you can increase the odds of making it a success, given that so many fail.

An introduction to Seven and our services for businesses

45 seconds

What is a business transformation or business integration?

1 minute

How do you know when to embark on a business transformation?

1.5 minutes

How do you make a business transformation successful?

1 minute

Our work

Case study


A FTSE 100 company set out to implement a new strategy to future-proof itself, drive a step change in the performance of the existing organisation and grow new business opportunities.

Case study


In response to client demand for globally integrated solutions, to attract world-class talent in scarce skills and prepare for future service line separations, one of the Big Four set a strategy to globalise its operating model around emerging technology solutions.

Case study


A FTSE 100 company had decided to move away from a declining business model and exploit a market opportunity, migrating from traditional publishing to digital data and analytics solutions.

Case study


A large PE-backed business was buying part of a listed business — their largest acquisition to date — to reconfigure their business model and offer higher margin services.

Case study


A large US corporate financial services client was strategically acquiring a similar business, but with a very different (family) culture. The major challenge was integrating the two cultures to get the best of both in terms of behaviours and working practices.

Case study


Owned by two of the world’s largest organisations, a $2bn technology company was undertaking a commercial transformation to diversify its service offering, improve its go-to-market and double in size within two years.

Case study


A FTSE 100 business had decided to restructure. Its goals were to improve productivity, technology efficiency and efficiencies between its portfolio of businesses, in a bid to cut annual costs by 10%.

Business transformations are notoriously risky — 10 questions I use to reduce this

Business transformations are notoriously risky – there are ten questions I use when talking to anyone who is about to embark on one to reduce this risk.

Our clients

A few of the companies we’ve helped to transform. To join them, contact us.