Our approach

Our clients typically face one of three scenarios that call for a transformation of their business.

Doing well

You’re doing well but know the business has untapped potential. You can’t afford to be complacent so you’re looking at new markets, growing market share and looking over your shoulder at how your competitors are doing. The challenge here is fighting the ‘don’t-fix-what-ain’t-broken’ complacency: you need a compelling reason for change, to go from good to great and to take your people with you.


You’ve not performed in line with expectations, i.e. you’re not hitting the numbers you’ve committed to the City and your investors. You know you can do better, much better. You’re under scrutiny from the board and investors to turn things around and get back on track fast. You need a clear roadmap to get stakeholders off your back and start delivering a performance step change.


Unfortunately, the business is in trouble, perhaps unable to meet its financial obligations. You and your team are in survival mode; it’s an emergency that demands drastic steps and calls for lawyers and bankers to rescue the business. This is not the time for half-measures. You need a turnaround and transformation advisor you can trust to complement the team.

In any of the scenarios above, Seven can play one of three roles as your business transformation partner

As business transformation or integration advisor or coach. You’re in the driving seat and Seven works behind the scenes providing advice, support, tools and coaching on the journey. We can also run accelerator events to turbocharge the transformation or integration at critical points.

As business transformation or integration consulting partner. Seven works alongside you in partnership to deliver key aspects of the transformation, like a management consulting firm would.

As interim business transformation or integration executive. Working full-time in the business, Karen takes on an executive role and provides hands-on leadership for all or part of the transformation or integration.

Whatever role you’d like us to play, our work typically follows three simple phases summed up as ‘DDD’ — diagnose, design and deliver. You can read about the three phases below.

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