How do leaders need to think about transformation?

by | 6 Jan 2023 | Business transformation

Embarking on a transformation is one of the most critical decisions a leader will ever make. So what makes a transformation successful?

Four areas: commit to the transformation, lead the transformation from the front, find ways to sustain a new way of working and personally go ‘all in’.

Commit to the transformation
– Affirm your conviction that the business needs to change.
– Frame transformation as a higher level of performance – not a project.
– Set an uncomfortable but inspirational ambition.

Lead the transformation from the front
– Show ownership by mandating involvement and getting in the detail.
– Involve all levels in the transformation, not just senior leaders or those ‘in the centre’.
– Build execution discipline from the start.
– Develop one voice as a leadership team on the transformation.

Sustain a new way of working
– Invest in people and culture from the start.
– Make engagement personal, so people in the company know why it needs to transform.
– Flex your new execution discipline to help weather future challenges.

Personally go ‘all in’
– Go “all-in” in setting the scope of a transformation and the time and willingness to be at the centre of the effort.

Based in London and with over 24 years’ global experience, Karen Thomas-Bland is often cited as one of the top business transformation consultants and coaches in the world. She is a trusted advisor to boards, executive teams and investors, creating sustainable, long-term value for FTSE/Fortune businesses and PE funds. She writes for many publications including The Times, FT, Association of MBAs and Management Today.