What are the transformation trends for 2023?

by | 12 Jan 2023 | Business transformation

An interesting discussion yesterday on transformation trends for 2023, including:

  • Being bolder & more courageous in the transformation ambition set. Incremental improvement is not enough to win in today’s environment.
  • An even tighter connection to value creation, and there is a need to see value on a shorter & more iterative timeline.
  • An even greater focus on leading with purpose & humanity, with EQ skills coming even more strongly to the forefront.
  • People will likely look for even greater purpose & meaning. Linking the transformation journey to the organisational purpose will become imperative in the communications of ‘Why?’.
  • We will see a greater focus on putting human centricity at the heart of the transformation & creating a culture of psychological safety.
  • We need to ensure that any transformation programmes don’t create burnout, but rather make health & wellness part of the design.
  • Delivering the transformation digitally using a platform to support delivering the changes needed, whilst this is not certainly not new, this will need to generate even greater connectivity between people

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