Just as the transformation of any business needs the skills of a great team of people, so does our website.


Our website is typeset in Söhne Leicht and Söhne Halbfett from the Klim Type Foundry.


Karen’s portrait was expertly taken by Rob Percy. All other images are from Unsplash and are credited as follows:

Plant leaf: Sarah Dorweiler.
Cloud: Thugbong.
Stonecut arrow: Hello, I’m Nik.
Bubbles in glass: Karim-Ghantous.
Grass: Dose Media.
Ceiling chair: Ellen Qin.
Desert flower: Jill Heyer.
Takeaway box: Kelly Sikkema.
Plastic weave: JJ Ying.
Berry fruit: Davies Design Studio.
Points: David Cohen.
3D art: Girl with red hat.
Sea: Mali Desha.
Stairwell: Annie Spratt.
Rose: Marienne Krohn.
Match: Mariana Beltran.
Woman on sand: Averie Woodard.
White chair: Dillon Mangum.
Wooden hand: Joanna Kosinka.
Spectacles: Gerald Hartl.
Giraffes: Solen Feyissa.
Migrating birds: Ilkka Kärkkäinen.
Wilted roses: Tanalee Youngblood.
Laptop: Adam Birkett.
Autumn branch: Simon Berger.
Sea fog: Dani Aláez.
Goalposts: Bernard Hermant.
Mistake: Daniela Holzer.
Screw-up: Robbie Noble.
Pills: Markus Spiske.
Beach umbrella: Gaurav Khoda.
Plant tendrils: Susan Wilkinson.
Spoon: Joanna Kosinska.
Peeled orange: Charles Deluvio.
Visible legs: Akira Hojo.
Coffee cup: Annie Spratt.
Wall walker: Rayson Tan.
Shell: Isaac Quesada.
Swirls: Christina Deravedisian.
Paintbrush: Artiom Vallat.
Splash: Nijwam Swargiary.
Letterforms: Alexander Andrews.
Glass sphere: Danaisa Rodriguez.


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