Case study


Seven has been a business transformation partner for companies planning and executing a merger.


A large US corporate financial services client was strategically acquiring a similar business, but with a very different culture. We planned and executed all elements of the acquisition to get to day one and beyond.


As a first step, we created the investment thesis and proposed operating model. Once a clear direction for the acquisition was agreed, we launched the planning to day one and beyond. This included establishing the integration management office, setting up the work streams and scoping the work, as well as developing the business model further into processes, people and technology changes. As a result, the business achieved significant synergies, built new capabilities and solutions, and cut costs by 10%.

The cultural integration — bringing together a corporate culture and a family culture — proved the toughest part of the assignment. We mapped each culture and managed to get the best of both in terms of behaviours and working practices. This was further supported by a brand refresh, reflecting a more dynamic organisation resulting from the merger of the two businesses.


Since the acquisition, the asset manager has significantly grown its assets under management (AUM). The consolidation has also meant a wide range of capabilities, optimal value-added services and meaningful scale, which is helping to meet and exceed client needs.